Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our Tree ... Our Memories December 2017

Although the photos are not in any kind of order - these are some of our precious memories from years past - that we look forward to packing each December.

1987 - the year we were married - our first Christmas - this ornament given to us by my sister in law and brother (Mike and Fran) has been on 31 trees. 

Another ornament from our first Christmas 31 from Larry's sister.

And from my mom and dad.

My first teaching job was in Hamburg NY. I did full blown musicals wth 4th, 5th and 6th graders. One year it was "The Wizard of Oz" My dad built a house on stage for us, the school nurse - whose office was right next to my classroom (came in super handy when I was expecting my first son - and had terrible morning sickness) - gave this little book. The boys fight over who is gonna put it on the tree every year. 

The Santa my mom always put on the tree at my parents home when we were growing up. 

My own ornament from when I was a child 

When Larry and I went to Biltmore for our 25th Anniversary - we bought into the whole Acorn meaning :

 An acorn metaphor can remind us to look deep inside and discover the seed of something wonderful that is yet to develop.  It will take time, persistence and the right nurturing, but something magnificent is waiting inside that precious little acorn. One little acorn, with time, can also be the start of a whole forest of mighty oak trees.
Acorns are also considered to be a lucky symbol, representing prosperity, youthfulness, power and spiritual growth.  
And so bought each of the boys one for the Christmas tree. They each have their own box of ornaments from thru the years. Hopefully one day when they open their Christmas boxes - they will hang the acorns on their trees - and remember mom and dads 25th anniversary trip - and how they each have something precious inside - that will grow and develop in each of them. 

When Larry and I lived-in Virginia Beach - I missed home so much. I purchased this ornament for my parents - in 1994. Dad died in 1995, and mom in 2001. so after 6 years on their tree - it has now been on mine the past 16.

Also from our time in Virginia. Special friends came to visit - our newly built home Christmas of 1995.

Charlene ... a dear college friend - who often game me rides home during my first year of college. We kept in touch throughout the years, sadly she passed away November 6, 2015

Two ornaments of the many I received over the years from students. 

Jake's last year of high school - he took up the French Horn. 

Larry and I honeymooned in Ogunquit Maine. Bought a box of mini glass ornament balls. 31 years or trees - and only 1 has broken.

Larry's friends wife did wood burning. Another favorite of ours. 

About 1999 we took the boys camping in the Adirondaks. Went to Santa's Workshop at the North Pole (Wilmington NY) Justin and Zach got little reindeer ornaments - Jake got this little tree. 

Close family friend Flora - gave us "the disco apple' on year. The boys fight over this one too. 

So many great memories - we relive every year when we decorate the tree. 

Thanking God for the gift of memories, family, special friends and special relationship. Praying that the new year brings peace, contentment, love and joy to all. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Little Changes. June 2017

When we moved into our home in the summer of 1998 - we had the smelliest bushes lining the short walkway from the driveway to the porch. 

In 2000 I pulled all those bushes out - and we started planting flowers in there. 

In 2002  a year after my mom died and we sold the family home) I planted a  Peony Plant. It did fantastic. I kept planting large marigolds and of course some perennial coreopsis in the years following. 

Finally in 2012 I found some Peony plants - 2 white and 2 deep pink. I was so excited to make a hedge of peonies. Little did I know it would take the next 5 years before all 5 plants were blooming. And this is the year! 

The strange thing is they all ended up deep pink. My whites - changed color.  There were a few years I thought two of them would die for sure. Here is the year by year progression :)





We haven't weeded or planted anything this year yet. Hoping after school is out (although I know that is the end of June) to get some outside work done. It has been a cold and busy May.