Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About Composition Life - How it all began ...

Back in April 2009, I really began to enjoy reading blogs. Pioneer Woman was the first one I really experienced. I loved her banter, her recipes, and her photographs. I began to follow MckMama and the journey of her son Stellan. I was so impressed and encouraged by her candor in sharing her faith. The same faith I have, that has helped me thru some very difficult chapters of life. Her blog made me think how perhaps if I had a blog of my own, I too, could be an encourager to someone, somewhere out there in cyberspace.

At first I wasn't sure what to even write about. Did I really have anything to share? But every time I sat down to the computer, I felt led by God to share certain thoughts with certain pictures. It reminded me of all the years I led worship and tried to put thoughts together. But, not every post is inspirational. Sometimes I am bragging about my boys. I can't help it. God has blessed me with 3 awesome sons and a wonderful loving husband.

I have met some awesome and inspirational folks in these last few months.

are just a few of the sights that have inspired me to continue and strive to be better. Since then I have met and have joined in following MANY bloggers who have so much to share. I have a lot of them listed on the side bar under Blogs I Follow. It's been a lot of fun. Not sure where it will take me, but the joy is in the journey isn't it?

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