Sunday, June 4, 2017

Little Changes. June 2017

When we moved into our home in the summer of 1998 - we had the smelliest bushes lining the short walkway from the driveway to the porch. 

In 2000 I pulled all those bushes out - and we started planting flowers in there. 

In 2002  a year after my mom died and we sold the family home) I planted a  Peony Plant. It did fantastic. I kept planting large marigolds and of course some perennial coreopsis in the years following. 

Finally in 2012 I found some Peony plants - 2 white and 2 deep pink. I was so excited to make a hedge of peonies. Little did I know it would take the next 5 years before all 5 plants were blooming. And this is the year! 

The strange thing is they all ended up deep pink. My whites - changed color.  There were a few years I thought two of them would die for sure. Here is the year by year progression :)





We haven't weeded or planted anything this year yet. Hoping after school is out (although I know that is the end of June) to get some outside work done. It has been a cold and busy May.