Friday, December 16, 2011

The Gift of Love (Domingo) with lyrics

The Gift of Love  - written by Placido Domingo's son, performed here by Placido Domingo.
The first time I ever heard it was on a Hallmark Christmas tape. Never could get that version on CD. I know this is not the exact same version (in the original he 'duets' with a boys choir near the end)  - but it is so close to what I remember. I came across this video today on Youtube and had to share. When he gets to the end and is singing "Glory to God" ... there  just are no words . . .

The lyrics:  (Placido is Mexican, and although I think his Italian is marvelous -what do I know? I am English! - His English is pretty rough, so the words are the best I could figure out.  * means I am not quite sure)

The Father gave His son
To fill the world with glory
He sent His only One
To bring us peace

The shepherds on the hill
Were startled by the angels
The earth around them stilled
With news of joy.

Christ the Son of God
And man his brother
*Has given a beautiful gift
His life for all to see

Glory to God
Praise Him forever
Share his good news
With all who wait in hope

The Father gave His son
To fill the earth with glory
He sent His only One
To bring His holy peace

The shepherds on the hill
We're startled by the angels
The earth around them stilled
With news of joy. 

Glory to God
Glory to God
Christ the child
Who came to save us all
Is our gift from God our Lord.

So do you have a favorite Christmas song - by a favorite performer? I would love to listen to some new music!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I was able to get some nice shots of a blossoming pear tree yesterday. I loved the hint of pink on the buds! How each little bud blossoms to become a beautiful flower and then perhaps fruit will be born from the flower.

I can't help but compare it today - to a mom - carefully nurturing her young - from tiny buds - to blossoming flowers - soon bearing fruit in their lives to (hopefully) help others.

Since my mom died - I think May has always been the most difficult time of the year for me. With my birthday and Mother's Day so close to one another - I am usually an emotional wreck during the first week of the month.

I thought when I found this anonymous quote - that it was very true for the way I feel about my mom. My joys are greater, my love is deeper and my life was made fuller - because of who she was to me, and the brief moments of time (37 years) I shared life with her. My mom was not perfect. She had her faults - just as we all do. But as I look back now, as a mom myself, I have a much better understanding of her now. I see past all the difficult times - and think how rich my life is because of her.

I can only hope that one day . . my sons might think the same . . .

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My New Favorite Food

We have a local restaurant that offers Brick Oven Pizza's. We had the opportunity to sample some of them, not too long ago - and I was intrigued with the different toppings and flavors they put together. And so I have begun to experiment.

With my crazy, busy life - I don't have time (very often) to make my own dough anymore. I have found a ready made crust in our diary section at my favorite grocery store Wegmans. All I do is throw the toppings on and bake. It is thick - but comes out nice and crunchy. No - it isn't the best - but it does in a pinch and my family likes it.

So here is my 'latest' favorite food!

On a prepared pizza crust spread:

1-2 TBS of pesto.
Sprinkle with shredded mozzeralla cheese
Sprinkle with parmesean cheese

In a separate pan brown and cook thru 1 boneless skinless chicken breast in a little bit of olive oil and pesto. salt, pepper and garlic powder. Shred it as it cooks.

Spread cooked - shredded chicken breast meat over cheese.
Sprinkle some sundried tomatoes and artichokes (both chopped) over the top.

Bake at 350 for 20 mins.

I of course made a pepperoni and cheese for the boys too.
Do you have favorite pizza toppings?
I'd love to hear about them!