Monday, September 16, 2013


I've been doing lots of genealogy research these past few years - and this summer (now that I am unemployed) have found some of the Facebook pages for ancestry fascinating.

This morning one of them had an interesting photo - that reminded me of this one:

These two interesting folks are my Great Great Grandparents Joel Williams Jr and Frances Harrison Williams. They were my maternal grandmothers grandparents from Ontario, Canada. A special shout out to a new cousin "Christine" - I met thru facebook who shared this photo with me!

Here is what I know of each of them.

Joel Williams Jr was born in Ontario January 10, 1844 and died in 1920 also in Ontario.
He was the son of Joel Williams and Adeline Bedford.  His father Joel was the son of Benajah Williams (1765-1851) and Elizabeth Kennedy (1788-1842). Benajah (a Loyalsit from New York) was the founder of Glen Williams Ontario.

Frances Ann Harrison was also from Ontario. She was born in 1844 on April 13 and died on April 16, 1922. Her parents were John Harrison and Catherine Lamb (originally from Ireland).

And so I am posting this today to connect this photo with a "Mystery Photo" posted on the Ontario Genealogy Website that looks similar - especially the woman's mouth and eyes.

Their website is here: Ontario Genealogy Mystery Photo

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Appalachian Lady said...

It is nice to learn about your great grandparents. The photo is quite good for being so old.