Thursday, August 2, 2012

Asheville, NC (Our Trip Part V)

If you are just joining me,  this is Part V (and the last one) in a series of posts where I 
am sharing photos of my husband and my 
25th Anniversary Trip to Asheville North Carolina. 

We visited:
 The Biltmore Estate (click for part I)
The Gardens (click for part II)
Antler Hill (click for part III
The Blue Ridge Mountains (click for part IV)

Today is kind of a modge podge mish mash of photos from all over. 
I'm starting off with our hotel. We stayed at the Biltmore Double Tree Hotel just .2 of a mile from the estate entrance. 

It had a Friday's Restaurant attached to it which we enjoyed after checking in on our first evening. The room was nice. What  I liked most was being on the Ground Floor - right next to the exit door. We didn't have to lug our cooler (we didn't get a room with a fridge) up and down an elevator - and for the most part were able to park right outside the door. 

That made me feel even more comfortable - after our experience with the Fire Alarm (which if you haven't heard - all was well - we just had to be outside for a while in the wee hours of the morning). 

We had a Continental Breakfast included in our room package. Fruit, muffins and breads. If we wanted oatmeal, eggs, biscuits and gravy or any breakfast meats it was $3 extra. I loved the little flowers on our table. 

As we walked thru the hotel - it was almost a museum of sorts. There was an original Biltmore Dairy Cart (pulled by horses)

A Gold Medal Award for a Jersey Bull from Biltmore Farms that was entered in the Pan American Exposition which was held in BUFFALO, NY in 1901. (yay another Buffalo connection!)

And they had an entire wall devoted to George Vanderbilt and the Estate:

In another hallway - they had an awesome display of photos of women of the Appalachian Mountains and the cabins they lived in: 

 What a hard life our ancestors lived - and these folk in the mountains ... well I can't even imagine carving out a life for a family there. 

Thursday morning we decided to spend the morning and early afternoon discovering the downtown area of Asheville. When we drove thru the night we first got there - there were people everywhere. We guessed lots of restaurants and bars at night. But we were very disappointed to find that all the shops - everywhere - closed at like 6pm!

One place I wanted to visit was MAST General Store (LINK TO THE STORE WEBSITE). I had a lot of fun just roaming around. We have a similar kind of store in Western New York called Vidler's.  From what I read - Mast General Stores are known for their 500 different kinds of old fashioned candy. To me - it looked like a very poor display of 'old' 'stale' candy. And the kinds that they had - are available at any Wegmans Grocery Store in my neck of the woods. 

But they did have some cool things to look at. We especially liked the Bird 'Church' House. Larry made the comment - all we need is a little bird bath - and you could sell it as a birdie 'baptistry.' 

We enjoyed walking in some of the other shops. They have one that has the name Kressgees (my spelling is off) 5 and dime.  We used to have one of them around us when I was a kid - but inside this shop was kind of like a crafters emporium. Many of little booth's that sold individual crafters work. 

Not sure if you can tell from the photo below - but it is a wind chime made out of silverware. I liked it!

I should have taken a photo of Larry standing next to this old iron.
 It was as tall as he is!

I can't remember what window this was in - but I had to get a shot of it - as it was the exact same blender my mom had when I was growing up!

 Vanderbilt - built a village around the Biltmore Estate - just outside the gates. One of the places in the village was the All Souls Church. It was a really neat building to walk around. 

There were several shops and restaurants in the Historic little town. 
We especially loved the Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Larry has long been a fan of his work. I have a gorgeous print in my house, as well as one of his paintings (not ours - but a friend needed a place for it to hang). I also have some porcelain plates of his cabin and mountian paintings. 

From the outside window - we could see his Biltmore painting. So gorgeous! When we checked it out the next day with the lighting - it was amazing to see how the colors of the sky in the painting changed as the lights went down. Thomas Kinkade was truly a gifted artist. 

I would have loved to buy something - but it was pretty pricey!

Back at the Estate - one of the first restaurants we tried was the Stable Cafe. 
Our 'package deal' included a free lunch there. 

It was the old Stable turned into a restaurant. The food was wonderful! But the atmosphere was sooo cool. 

Stalls were turned into booths and seating areas. 

Well the last thing I want to share with you from our trip are some of the flowers we saw. 
I love flowers!!

As I have said in previous posts, if you ever have an opportunity to go to Asheville, the Biltmore Estate, of the Blue Ridge Parkway - you should. 
There is so much to explore and do there. 

I think we just scratched the surface. 


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Is the tour over? I have so enjoyed seeing all this through your eyes.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Val, Great posts (all of them)... I so enjoyed reading more about your vacation visit to Asheville... Glad you enjoyed it.

Did you all eat at other restaurants that you recommend? We are always looking for new restaurants...


Appalachian Lady said...

You make me want to jump in the car and go down there. I like the All Souls Church (same name as the one I went to in St. Louis)--it looks like turn of the century maybe? I love the flowers too. The velvet one reminds me so much of my late mother--she grew those kind whatever they are.

Anita Johnson said...

I've had a mini vacation this morning...just beautiful. PS From your other blog...our grass is dry and brown here too, with tufts of bright green crab grass. I also know the "Fruits of the Spirit Song". (o: