Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bike Path Fun with Young One (Part I)

We all have it. That longing for spring. To be outside, enjoy the warmer temperatures, the sunshine, the fresher air. This past week we had some glorious days of nice temperatures , blue skies and sunshine. But the last two were rainy and gloomy and a little bit cold. But never the less, I wanted to get outside and go for a walk. In our town we have miles and miles of paved bike paths. One section is where a former train track was. It is closest to us and about 6.1 miles long.

But, a few years back we had an awful time in our towns' history, when one of our local moms was out jogging on one section of the towns' bike path. She never showed up to pick up her child from daycare and a search ensued. Several days later her body was found off to the side of the bike path in the brush. She had been murdered.

There was a long period of time when folks didn't feel safe on sections of the path. It went unused for a while. The murderer was found and is now in jail. Apparently he had struck several times in the Western NY area over a period of many years. How frightening to find out he was our neighbor for 7 years, living across the street from the house H and I lived in when we were first married.

Gradually the town took back the path and it has become as busy as it ever was. Although, maybe not too busy Sunday!

Because of the crime and because I am afraid of dogs (I had a bad experience when I was younger with some neighbor kids making dogs chase me) I don't like to walk alone. H is unable to go for long walks now, due to some health issues, so most the time I walk on the treadmill in the basement.

But I had such an itch to go outside today, so I asked Young One if he wanted to ride his bike or rollerblade on the path, while I walked. He jumped at the chance and so off we went. It was fun! I decided to take my camera along just in case. I took the little Kodak as the sky was threatening rain. But it stayed clear ... it was just really cold.

We went 1 mile out and then back for a total of 2 miles. He would speed ahead and then come back and keep me company a bit.

We admired the puddles and the reflections we found in them...

He liked to spin around ...

He liked to jump up and down....

A perfect landing!

We just plain enjoyed each other's company.

And we had some pretty scenery to admire too.

When we got back home, he said "Next time I will take my bike, okay mom?" Then he stopped and said, "No, I think I will rollerblade again. That was fun."

I guess he had as much fun as I did. We both had smiles on our faces.

But, he put a smile in my heart.

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is the sort of thing both of you will treasure in your heart for years to come.He may not want to talk about it,but believe me it's there in his heart and will be fondly remembered.My son and I used to make memories like this when he was younger.Now we share a deep and loving friendship.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat, Valerie. We all need to spend some quality time with EACH kid... I don't think I ever did enough of that... As I get older, I think of lots of things I would do differently IF I could raise my kids all over again... But--I guess we all can do that!!!! It's like Monday-morning-Quarterbacking!!! ha

Great pictures of your young one. He's quite talented on those blades--and I think he enjoyed showing off for the camera.

Glad you got some good exercise.

LDH said...

I could enjoy the special time you two shared today by viewing these great photos! Great shots and Great moments!

lisaschaos said...

Both of the skating path posts - very cool! I wish I could do those jumps and such - looks like so much fun!