Friday, September 25, 2009

The Red Tail Hawk(s)

I love hawks. They are so powerful. So beautiful. They are also really scary!
I was so excited to see two the other day. The first was on top of a telephone pole. It really did not want me around. As I drove my car a little closer (on the other side of the road) it flew further away. Forgive the different shades of the sky. I did some lightening of the feathers in the pictures (angle of the sun - shooting up into the sky from the ground, caused the birdies to be quite dark).

So after it had flown towards the next road I thought, well I better be going home. As I turned the corner, I couldn't believe my luck. Even closer than the other had been, was another hawk. I actually got out of the car to stand below it and shoot these pictures.

No sir-ee, I did not like the way that bird was looking at me. It's fluffed feathers told me it was up to some serious stuff, and I better not distract it. So I got in my car and was going to drive off.

But I couldn't. It's eyes were calling me back. So I made my three point turn (Old One had just practiced a bunch of those while we were driving) and came back to look at the bird from on the other side of the road. I stayed in the car, but had the window rolled down pretty far so I could lean out and shoot. I felt like I was in a stare down match and it was not comfortable! I rolled my window up, so just the lens was sticking out. Yes, I AM a chicken!

This one (above) is my favorite. I love the color of the tail feathers, the beak and the eye. It was a cold stare!

I rolled up my window and tried to drive away again. I saw it fly down into the brush and was intrigued when it flew back up. Yes, it had dinner in its claws.

I guess it's momma never told it not to play with it's food.

At that point, it reached down with it's beak and began to dig in. Yep, I drove away for sure and didn't look back.

I am so amazed by these birds of prey, they have so long intrigued me. After watching it seek out it's prey, I certainly have a new appreciation for the term, "eye's like a hawk." The brush I posted prior to this post, was pretty thick. This guy saw the mouse down there, swooped down and got 'em. Wow!

I was just so excited to finally get a clear view in order to get some decent pictures of one. I wonder if I will be satisfied for a while, or if I will continue to stalk the hawks!


☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

That was pretty AMAZING!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That last Hawk sure was in a photogenic mood.They NEVER sit that long for me.Great pictures.

Sharon said...

EXCELLENT shots! How exciting to see this magnificent bird!

Pam said...

What beautiful shots. Red tailed hawks are lovely. I wish my photography was this good. : )

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Wow! What an amazing series, Valerie. You captured him perfectly. Thank you for the link to the positive ID. That is exactly what he is. Now I have to go see if there are any more of the white caterpillars I saw on the dogwood two days ago have changed into these as well. I hadn't made the connection that they were the same creature, just different phases.

Denise said...

Oh wow, these are fantastic photos. I got some shots of what a couple of people have identified as a Red-Tailed Hawk but as he was so far up in a tree it was hard to get a good shot. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

lisaschaos said...

WOW!! I love him! Are you sure he's a red-tailed? He looks so much like a Kestrel to me but heck I don't care what he is - these are COOL!

A New England Life said...

I say 'stalk the hawks'! And don't be afraid of them either, they won't hurt you.

We have a RTH that tends to hang around our neighborhood. I get right underneath him and take shot after shot and he just looks at me. They won't bother people but they do want to make sure your not up to no good ; )

Nice shots!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

wonderful hawk photos! Especially my favorite is the 5th one.

Blessings & Aloha!

earthtoholly said...

Wow...amazing shots of this guy! Especially with his dinner...eek. Really nice closeups. :o)

Sandy said...

Nice job! Great photos.

bettyl said...

Hawks are so gorgeous and stately but I wouldn't want to tangle with one! Great shots!

Donna Marie said...

Holy Smoke Valarie! I say stalk, stalk, stalk!!! :) Your pics of the Hawks are intriguing! I love the 6th picture! (stunning) I also love the one with his lunch in his claws!! (eeekkkk)

Beautiful shots! :)

PS. I went out to the park one day (recently) with my camera in tote! I thought to myself, I bet there is nothing interesting out here. I heard all of this squawking and looked over to my right and there was a full grown Raven! It was at least 18 inches tall!!! I looked to my right and there was a White Egret over on the edge of the water!! I thought, "JACKPOT"!!!!! I heard more squawking... and there were three (3!!!) Ravens chasing each other in and out of the trees! I pulled out my camera, turned it on... and the battery was dead! (LOL) I wanted to dig a hold and bury myself! (LOL) The Egret looked like it was posing for me!!!! UUGGHHHH!!! :) You were so lucky to capture those Hawks!!!!

Donna M