Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer is Here! Coreopsis: From buds to blooms.

I love summer!
It's not my favorite season, that would be Spring.
But summer still holds those carefree days of rest,
relaxation, and time to explore the world.
I am a teacher.
Does that explain it?

I came across a photo challenge at
Check out the other links under the
"You Capture: Summer" theme.

Here is my contribution!

One of my favorite perennials.
They are always so healthy and vibrant.

You know it is summer when ...
the Coreopsis is in bloom.
Such sunny yellow blossoms!

This year I wanted to see the progression,
up close from bud to bloom.
Do you care to join me?

The new bud is so tight and green.
No hint of the beauty within .. yet ...

Ah ... shall I sing a few bars ...
"Here comes the sun, little darlin' ..."
Does anyone remember that song?
Sorry, everything is a song to me
at some point or another!

The petals are actually visible at this point.

This was cool to me.
Everything so tightly packed in ... until ...

They start bursting free ...

and then more pop open

We're almost there ....

Ahh! Full bloom.

This is actually my favorite picture.
I just held my camera at my knees and took the shot.
I love the color! So sunny!

Let's not forget the back side.
A glimpse of the former green leaves
that held everything so tightly closed,
now support the petals.

Another knee shot, maybe not so good,
but perhaps some of the artsy people like stuff like this?

And here is the center.
Cool little thingies popping up in there.
I need to do some research to find out what they are.

And a final shot.
Funny how they can all be
on the same plant at the same time.

I guess that is why I like this plant so much.
It is continually re-blooming(?)

Thanks for visiting a small section
of my flower bed with me.
I hope the bright yellow blossoms
made your day a bit more sunny!


Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Totally amazing shots!!! Not only gorgeous but informative!!

Prairie Lady said...

That was really cool how you showed it step by step. Great creativity!

Jessi said...

AWESOME! Love this. Really cool idea and great shots. I am with you - I love coreopsis. They are such great repeat bloomers and so tough!

Kathleen said...

Wow! Love your progressive shots!

Stefany said...

Those are beautiful!

Terri said...


Yelena R. said...

Wow! I love this post! Beautiful captures! Over how many days did you photograph these?

Stacie's Madness said...


Anonymous said...

I really liked the progression! Very cool!

april said...


Anonymous said...

This is so fabulous! I love the progression of watching the flowers bloom! :)

Vera said...

What a great showcase this turned out to be. I loved the second knee shot :) How many days did this progression take?

Valerie said...

I actually took these pictures on 2 different days (8 days apart).
The very first pictures were the tight buds and whole bush. The other pictures were all taken on the same day, so they aren't 1 single bud, but different buds at different stages of blossoming. I guess that is why I love the plant. It lasts for so long in the season. Then you can trim the dead blossoms and it will continue to bud!

Thanks for all your great comments! I am so glad I found out about the You Capture! IT's great to connect with so many others who love to take pictures!

Jen said...

I love this progression. It's very cool to see "the steps" and your shots are just beautiful!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures. They are wonderful! Such a great journalistic approach for a shoot. Love it a ton!

Janet said...

Gorgeous! Every one of them.