Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love To Take Pictures

My mom took tons of pictures and movies of us growing up. I guess her love of preserving the family thru photography rubbed off on me. I love to take pictures! My first camera was one of those polaroid camera's that you pulled the photo out of and let it set for 60 seconds. Poof - there was the picture! From there I got my Kodak instamatic 110. Eventually I moved on to a 35 mm. But the expense of buying film and getting it developed was always tough for me. Not to mention that when my pictures came back, there were always more going in the trash, than being kept.
5 or 6 years ago I finally went digital. I started with a a pretty simple point and shoot. Then I moved to a Kodak EasyShare Z650 and I started taking pictures of my son's baseball team. The EasyShare was a great little camera. I still use it for video's. I just found that it wasn't fast enough to get the important shots at baseball, and I couldn't do much about the lighting. So last year we moved up another level. I say we, because my husband has been a great encourager all
along the way. He gifted me with a Canon Rebel XTi for Christmas 2007, and then a combined gift for Mother's Day and my birthday (both in May) was a 70 -200mm
f/4L lens. I have been having a ball ever since.

I am such an amateur, but I am loving the journey, and the practice. I guess shooting the baseball games is one of my favorites. I have gotten some great action shots. I am not very good at planning shots and getting them right. I've have been taking a lot of nature shots, now that spring has arrived. I post many of my shots on my flickr page , I'd be curious what you think. I will post some things here as well. The butterfly and bee shot at the top of my blog thrilled me to
no end, when I captured it. And I guess that is why I keep shooting. And then there is this mink ...

He lives at the back of my yard, and he is ever illusive. I want more than his back side, but that's about what I have gotten so far.

All I can do is keep trying.

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A New England Life said...

Oh that's pretty cool! I like your shots! You captured the color of him better than I did.

I had to sit quietly for a while to get what shots I did, and then the setting I was using on the camera made them too light. Anyway, he actually wanted to come up right where I was sitting, and tried twice, but finally got spooked and ran away. So cute though! Hard to believe people could kill them for coats. Disgusting.